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Sakana no kanagawa
  The shop which I manage in two couples whom the fresh fish produced in the Sea of Okhotsk provides.
Homemade single night airing and the person who ate including the sashimi to become another by the day are a seafood bowl, grilled fish bowls of 500 yen that the material that there is many it to be surprised at got on by all means. There is the day to be able to come across a bowl of the special material. As it is in a limited quantity, in the case of a sellout, thank you for your understanding.
I sell the artefact with a wonderful package in various ways. For a souvenir and local shipment. As for local people, there are a lot of people who go for buying after reading a contribution of Facebook.
Please check Facebook. I can look at fish to sell on the day. As a message reply is in condition that there is not almost it, I would like the inquiry during business on the telephone.
這家老店供應從鄂霍茨克海捕獲的新鮮海鮮所製作的便當,依每天進貨種類而隨機變換海鮮乾貨或刺身。只需 500日幣就收穫到的食材豐富的海鮮蓋飯及燒魚蓋飯令食客吃驚,也有其他配菜蓋飯,數量限定想吃要趁早喔。店家也提供加工品和外送。同時,當地多數居民也會透過瀏覽facebook主頁投稿前來採購。Facebook會每日更新當日販售的海產情報。營業中不會回復短訊,有問題歡迎直接電話諮詢。
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